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Canadien Tuxedo – La Fête Nationale – a nos amis français!

Perhaps its their relation to our neighbors to the north, but the French sure know how to do a Canadian Tuxedo right. Here’s one of our favorites by French denim label My Lovely Jeans.

via TopShop.

Canadian Tuxedo by Privé

Leave it to a Canadian retailer to whip up some dope denim on denim. I was awakened to this Canadian Tuxedo in an email from members only Privé.

Artisan De Luxe Courtney Short and L/S Denim Shirt.

Judah Friedlander rocks a Canadian Tux in Canada

When in Rome … or Toronto …

30 Rock star Judah Friedlander did his thing at Second City Toronto Thursday night in this dope ass Canadian Tuxedo. He paired it with his signature trucker hat, which was in braille and therefore kinda genius.

via torontoist.

Ernst & Young rocks a Canadian Tuxedo?

Well, almost. According to the accounting blog Going Concerned, the Toronto office of Ernst & Young will be allowing for Jean Day Fridays starting this week! Associates are instructed to wear nice denim and dress professionally, no rips, tennis shoes, etc. We didn’t notice denim tops, jackets on the “no-no” list. Come on Toronto! Don’t let us down. We have posted plenty of dressy Canadian Tuxedos. Please scroll through for inspiration. And if you do decide to rock the denim on denim, please, please, please send our way: dopecanadiantux@gmail.com

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