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Spotted: Noah Abrams in a Canadian Tuxedo at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills

I recently caught up with my long-time friend, Photographer Noah Abrams, at a pool party/impromptu, unofficial Bexley High School reunion at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. Noah skipped a bathing suit, opting for the best suit around: denim _ Nudie jeans and a Levi’s jacket. I’m never shocked to see The Black Keys’ go-to photog in a Canadian Tux … pretty sure that’s their official uniform.

And if Noah sounds familiar, it may be because he’s making tabloid headlines as Jennie Garth’s new man!

Rihanna. Canadian Tuxedo. Again.

Look out RL, Jemaine Clement and Dan Auerbach. Rihanna is looking to steal your crown and become Queen of Double Denim. The pop princess was spotted again in a Canadian Tuxedo. Today in Paris, where Rihanna will be performing next week.

Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo on Flight of the Conchords

Jemaine Clement we LOVE you! This guy rocks Canadian Tuxedos as frequently as dope dudes Ralph Lauren and Dan Auerbach. We are going to have to go through all the episodes to see if there is on where Jemaine isn’t wearing one.


Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo (gone wrong)

So some Ohioans like Katie Holmes, Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and I (yeah that’s right, I just put myself in that group), know how to rock a Canadian Tuxedo right. Then there are guys like this, who our girl Jenny G. spotted whilst running errands in Columbus, Ohio.

Don’t forget to submit your Canadian Tuxedo sightings to DopeCanadianTux@gmail.com!

Canadian Tuxedo: by The Black Keys

It’s no secret I love The Black Keys, and blog about them often. I listen to “Ohio” at least once a day (hometown pride, my friends). I also enjoy East Bound & Down, featuring “Your Touch,” by Akron’s finest. How fortunate that the respective video is chock full o’ Canadian Tuxedo? Loving Ohio more than ever.

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