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Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo at Coffee Commissary in Los Angeles



If you want to see a Canadian Tuxedo in LA, just sit at Coffee Commissary on Fairfax for about 30 seconds and one will appear. It’s not quite as crazy as sitting at Two For Joy in Amsterdam, but as close as you’ll get in the City of Angels. Here is Leigh Ann Souers – with Bob the Dog – in a Levi’s Jacket and Rag & Bone jeans.

Canadian Tuxedo Cutie in Los Angeles



I ran into this denim-clad darling as I was coming out of Tailwaggers on Fairfax this morning. She was a little shy at first, but my dog, Rocco, got her to laugh in her Crew Cuts overalls, Levi’s shirt and red Converse high tops. Her mom assures me the whole family is into denim on denim, so let’s hope we see them again.

Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo at Coffee Commissary in Los Angeles



It’s no secret that Angelenos love their coffee and their denim, so it’s not a surprise I always spot a great Canadian Tux when I hit the Coffee Commissary on Fairfax. Of the four I saw there today, photographer Dan Collopy was definitely rocking the best one. Pictured above, outside of Lindy & Grundy, Dan is in a denim shirt and waxed jeans, both by H&M.

Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo at Coffee Commissary in Los Angeles

I spotted this Canadian Tuxedo – loving the shredded black denim shorts – while at Coffee Commissary with the lovely Jessica Garvey, recently seen on CSI Miami, and the brains behind the Hostess Handbook. Lucky me, Jess did my dirty work and snapped a picture of this denim-clad fashionista.

Another Canadian Tuxedo at Coffee Commissary


Another hour, another Canadian Tux at Coffee Commissary – a.k.a. Land of Denim. If you think I’m joking, I saw SIX Canadian Tuxedos in less than 2 hours there yesterday. Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Rheese Detrow, drummer in the band Dendelo, which just completed a new, yet-to-be-named album of raw/aggressive rock. Rheese is such a sweetheart; trying to imagine aggressive coming from him … I digress.

Anyway, Rheese is seen here in a vintage flannel-lined Levi’s jacket and LA-based Schaeffer’s Garment Hotel 15 oz. Japanese Denim jeans.

More Double Denim at Coffee Commissary

I spotted food blogger Adrianna Adarme of A Cozy Kitchen fame rocking a Current/Elliott denim jacket and vintage Levi’s shorts on my way out of Coffee Commissary this afternoon. The coffee. The denim. Oh how I’ve missed this place.


Spotted: Another Canadian Tuxedo at Coffee Commissary in Los Angeles

Christmas come early in LA! While working at my favorite coffee shop – Coffee Commissary, I looked up to see this gem sitting in front of me outside. This rocker was donning one of the most impressive Canadian Tuxedos ever. Love the bedazzled “Naughty No No” denim jacket.



More double denim at Coffee Commissary

Once again, my favorite coffee spot fails to disappoint. My office away from home has a new employee and he’s dope as hell, rocking denim on denim on denim on denim! Coffee Commissary‘s newest addition picked up this ensemble (YSL tie, Banana Republic shirt and Nudie Jeans) at a thrift store. The denim apron is clearly a perk.


Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo at Coffee Commissary in Los Angeles

I often set up shop at my favorite coffee spot, Coffee Commissary on Fairfax in Los Angeles. Not only does this place serve the most incredible coffee around, it’s typically flooded with pretty people rocking the hottest LA trends. Case in point: this Canadian Tuxedo, which was one of many seen this morning at the bustling Coffee Commissary.


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