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SPOILER ALERT: Kenny Powers in a Canadian Tuxedo


Don’t read if you haven’t seen the season finale yet! What an end to another killer season of HBO’s Eastbound & Down. Just when we thought we had forever lost our beloved baseball badboy, Kenny Powers resurfaced with blond locks in a Canadian Tuxedo. Solid ending to a solid season. Think there will be another?

Spotted: Pharrell in a Canadian Tuxedo on How To Make It In America


More double denim on True Blood

Just like Eric Northman’s life, the influx of Canadian Tuxedos never seems to end. This time Jessica is getting in the mix. If you’re gonna get your ass kicked to the curb, may as well be draped in denim.


More Canadian Tuxedos on True Blood

Look out Bon Temps! Denim is invading your town faster than the Soldiers of the Sun. The Canadian Tuxedo seems to be the outfit of choice for those who shape shift in Louisiana. Two weeks ago we saw that little weasel Tommy in one. Last week, it was a witch. And tonight we saw at least four werewolves and Sam Merlotte rocking some serious denim on denim. 20110814-061921.jpg



Another Canadian Tuxedo on True Blood

Another episode, another Canadian Tux. Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo on True Blood. Seriously? Can this show get any better?20110807-091854.jpg

Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo on True Blood

As if Sunday night T.V. weren’t enough already, True Blood showcased this dope denim-on-denim ensemble. Love.


Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo on Treme!

Ugh. My favorite outfit on my favorite show? Yes, please! I spotted Michiel Huisman, who plays Sonny, was rocking a Canadian Tuxedo in this week’s episode of Treme. Love it. BTW, how intense was that episode? I had to have a couple Sazeracs just to calm down. Whoa.

Spotted: Canadian Tuxedos in Lady Gaga’s Monster’s Ball!

Watching Lady Gaga on HBO. Of course the fashion-forward songstress would have her dancers in some seriously dope ass Canadian Tuxedos. She was just pictured in one herself. Put your paws up!


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