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Spotted: Us on the cover of the Wall Street Journal!



Holy sh*t! What a start to the day! Our efforts to not only support the term, but promote the double denim look, a.k.a. the Canadian Tuxedo, have hit all new highs as we found ourselves on the cover of the Wall Street Journal today! Team Tux thinks this look is amazing. And elegant. Chanel even makes Canadian Tuxedos (Thank you Uncle Karl).

Let us know what you think and have a great weekend!

An Open Letter to Canada


Oh Canada,

It’s come to my attention that there’s a movement at Toronto Fashion Week to “redefine” the Canadian Tuxedo. Why, I ask, would you ever do such thing? I started this blog after being mocked a few years ago for wearing “Canadian Tuxedo,” a term I had never heard of but was determined to prove this look was indeed fashionable and here to stay. You should take pride in the Canadian Tuxedo as a denim-on-denim ensemble and nothing else.

I have met several Canadians who seem ashamed of the association, while others like Americans, Brits and the Dutch not only celebrate the look, but wear it far more often than your people, and I think would be proud to own the title to Double Denim look, if it’s not good enough for you.

It’s somewhat ironic that historically you have been so opposed to the look, and without that opposition, the “Canadian Tuxedo” may never have been. According to Levi’s archives, the first denim tuxedo was created by Levi’s for Bing Crosby who was denied access to a hotel in Vancouver because he and a friend were rocking all denim.

Defining a “Canadian Tuxedo” as “vegan leather pieces with a touch of plaid” is blasphemy. And Canada, you better watch out: after a recent trip to Amsterdam, I’m certain the Dutch are poised to steal the title.

Don’t be that guy who doesn’t appreciate what he’s got until it’s gone. Because America, the Netherlands, UK … even Japan are all waiting in the wings.

Sincerest Regards,

Gretchen Schneider – founder canadiantux.com

image via.

Happy Canada Day!


To our friends up north, Happy Canada Day! Thanks for giving the world the dopest look around. #keepitreal


Royal Canadian Tuxedo: Official Blog Band?

How appropriate for #MusicMonday! We just came across the Vancouver-based band Royal Canadian Tuxedo and their album Double Denim. Think they’ll write us a theme song?

Canadian Tuxedo Party!

Our new twitter friends at The Found Agency here in Los Angeles tweeted us this amazing picture of their resident Canadian’s Canadian Tuxedo birthday party! Love it. Thanks for sending. Next year, we expect an invite 🙂

Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo at Toronto Fashion Week

This begs the question: Do they just call it a Tuxedo up there? Hmm. Regardless, this denim on denim creation made its way down the runway yesterday at Toronto Fashion Week. The husband and wife team of Joe and Kimberly Newport-Mimran of Pink Tartan were behind this dope tux. Me likey.

Canadian Tuxedo by The Ruffled Feathers

Ooh! We love it when Canadian Tuxedos lead us to new music. Today we found this DOPE Canadian Tux on The Ruffled Feathers website. Pictured below in this, um, menacing image is mandolin player Charley Wu. Click here to listen to the quirky tunes by The Ruffled Feathers.

via The Ruffled Feathers.

Canadien Tuxedo – La Fête Nationale – a nos amis français!

Perhaps its their relation to our neighbors to the north, but the French sure know how to do a Canadian Tuxedo right. Here’s one of our favorites by French denim label My Lovely Jeans.

via TopShop.

Canadian Tuxedo by Privé

Leave it to a Canadian retailer to whip up some dope denim on denim. I was awakened to this Canadian Tuxedo in an email from members only Privé.

Artisan De Luxe Courtney Short and L/S Denim Shirt.

Judah Friedlander rocks a Canadian Tux in Canada

When in Rome … or Toronto …

30 Rock star Judah Friedlander did his thing at Second City Toronto Thursday night in this dope ass Canadian Tuxedo. He paired it with his signature trucker hat, which was in braille and therefore kinda genius.

via torontoist.

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