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Nike Denim LeBron 8 Teaser

Here’s a sneak peek at the Nike LeBron 8 “Denim” designed by DJ Clark Kent. As an Ohio native, I gotta say, LeBron is taking a step in the right direction in winning back my love with these dope ass Nike kicks.

Dope denim kicks from Levi’s

Loving these Levi’s Zip EX Hi Denim sneaks we saw at Sportie LA. The Levi’s Zip Ex Hi Casual Shoe is the perfect addition to any Canadian Tuxedo.

via Sportie LA.

Denim Sperry Top-Siders

Now to find a friend with a boat. 20110704-034803.jpg

Denim YSL Tributes!

Add to the wishlist (ahem, Mom … hi). YSL has added a new fabric to their very hot Tribute sandal collection: denim! I usually round out my Canadian Tuxedos with my brown leather YSL platform Tribute sandals, and now I can take it to the next level. My friend Katie posted these on my Facebook wall. We could only find this knock-off pair online, which don’t look too bad and at $195 (compared to $795), makes it a much more manageable purchase. Hmm …

via Elle.

Nike Air Max Denim Sneakers

We just passed out. Boys: get a pair. Please. Is there a doper way to round out your Canadian Tuxedo than with these Nike Air Max Light Denim kicks? We think not.

via freshness.

Denim on denim

Not exactly a Canadian Tuxedo, but denim on denim, nonetheless. We spotted this combo while shopping on Melrose today. Loving the denim TOMS.


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