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Denim YSL Tributes!

Add to the wishlist (ahem, Mom … hi). YSL has added a new fabric to their very hot Tribute sandal collection: denim! I usually round out my Canadian Tuxedos with my brown leather YSL platform Tribute sandals, and now I can take it to the next level. My friend Katie posted these on my Facebook wall. We could only find this knock-off pair online, which don’t look too bad and at $195 (compared to $795), makes it a much more manageable purchase. Hmm …

via Elle.

Nike Air Max Denim Sneakers

We just passed out. Boys: get a pair. Please. Is there a doper way to round out your Canadian Tuxedo than with these Nike Air Max Light Denim kicks? We think not.

via freshness.

Denim on denim

Not exactly a Canadian Tuxedo, but denim on denim, nonetheless. We spotted this combo while shopping on Melrose today. Loving the denim TOMS.


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