Dope Denim Mom

Happy Mother’s Day! Pictured here is Candy Schneider, my beautiful mother, rocking a Canadian Tuxedo. While I could spend YEARS thanking my mom for all the things she has done for me, on this site I will thank her for raising me in her fashion merchandising world, giving me my very first lessons on textiles and construction. And thank you for supporting me on my crazy endeavors like this blog! Love you, Mom!

About Gretchen Schneider

I live in - and for - LA. Obsessed with my dog, social media and denim. I kick it with Hollywood Jesus, and eat like a king ... with princess portions. View all posts by Gretchen Schneider

3 responses to “Dope Denim Mom

  • Deborah the Closet Monster

    Happy Mother’s day to your mom! I just learned the phrase “Canadian tuxedo” when my toddler wore one a couple of weeks back, so it pleases me to see it referenced now.

    I was going to stop there till I saw the Los Angeles part in your bio. Hello, fellow Angeleno! 🙂

    • Gretchen Schneider

      I first learned it last year when I was head to toe in denim in Hermosa Beach. They were mocking me, but I’m getting the last laugh! There are a lot of kids in the Canadian Tux. Search the site under “Babies.” Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Happy Mother’s Day! « BuzzRocket's Blog

    […] Here’s to all you hardworking mamas out there. This is a vintage shot of my mom in a Canadian Tuxedo, the subject of my latest blog, “That’s one dope ass Canadian Tuxedo.” I think I can thank her for my obsession with denim. Read about how she has influenced me here! […]

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