Canadian Tuxedo by Chanel

We can hardly contain ourselves! How incredible is this father-son duo? Model Brad Kroenig and his three-year-old model son, Hudson, rocked this AMAZE Canadian Tuxedos at the s/s 2011 Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week. How are we just now seeing this? Lucky us, The Daily Mail posted this picture in their story about little Hudson, who is probably the youngest supermodel working. He even calls Karl Lagerfeld, “Uncle.” Hearts to one of the coolest kids out there.


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3 responses to “Canadian Tuxedo by Chanel

  • Petra (@StyleLoungeca)

    We all love father/son Kroenig in Chanel, but I found this statement by noteworthy: Sarah Nicole Prickett, contributor: “The Eurozone is on the edge of collapse. Unemployment hovers around a sickening 14 percent in the United States of America. Protesters, angry and disenfranchised, occupy financial districts and public parks all over the Western world. And Hudson Koenig, muse to Karl Lagerfeld, face of Fendi, age three, is photographed wearing a Chanel jacket. TIMELY.”

    • Gretchen Schneider

      Thanks for sharing! I find that Chanel look ironic as I think the reason the denim on denim is all the rave right now is due to these hard times, an homage to the working class, wearing such utilitarian fabrics. A message seen in the recent Levi’s ads. A Chanel jacket on a toddler is pretty ridiculous, but then again, so is Uncle Karl.

  • Another Canadian Tuxedo by Chanel « That's one dope ass Canadian Tuxedo

    […] are just loving Uncle Karl’s recent obsession with denim. Karl Lagerfeld has once again created another stunning, slightly ironic take on the Canadian Tuxedo for Chanel. Keep it up, Karl. […]

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