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Holy Sh*t with this Canadian Tuxedo



Can you say PARTY IN THE BACK? OK, so I’ve been somewhat uninspired with this blog and the Canadian Tuxedos I find around Los Angeles. That is until last night, when this magical display of denim appeared at the new Plan Check Kitchen + Bar on Fairfax. Meet Sean Cabezas, who’s seen above in Levi’s jeans, Sperry slip ons (not the denim ones?), an H&M button down, Zara hat and the pièce de résistance: Sean’s dad’s vintage bedazzled denim jacket with a pinned on patch he had made from his favorite film Eyes Wide Shut. Color me inspired.



Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo at Animal in Los Angeles

My favorite look at my favorite restaurant? Oh hell yeah. We saw Marc Gomes rocking a Diesel jacket and Levi’s jeans at Animal over the weekend. If you’re lucky enough to grab a table here, you must try the foie gras, biscuit, maple sausage gravy. Heaven in your mouth.


Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo at The Dime

We spotted the denim on denim creation during another amazing evening at my favorite Los Angeles watering hole, The Dime. This guy was looking especially dapper on his 17th date with his lovely lady. He even let us shoot his bum. Cheers! 20111012-134351.jpg



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