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Glenn Beck Lauches Denim Label

When we think of Glenn Beck, many things come to mind – fashion not being one of them, but here were are, posting again about Glenn and denim. Last time we wrote about Mr. Beck, he was slamming Levi’s for their moving “Go Forth” ad campaign. The conservative blowhard vowed to never wear his once-favorite  denim brand again. Say what you will about the man, he’s kept his word and launched his own line 1791 Supply & Co., which is 100 percent manufactured in the United States and will run you about $130 a pair … offered in – of course: Classic and Straight.

Also, new drinking game! Drink every time they say “America” or some variation of the word in this 1-minute video. Try not to black out.

Glenn Beck boycotts Levi’s, no one cares.

Further evidence of Glenn Beck’s idiocy was seen last week when the conservative blowhard denounced Levi’s after seeing its latest “Come Forth” ad, which includes some rioting. In his blog, Beck stated, “It’s hard to believe that a company associated with America and working class values would use global revolutions and progressivism to sell their products, but that’s exactly what Levis is doing in their new commercials.”

…stay the course, Glenn.

Of course he’s turned in his Levi’s for Wranglers, which have not been sewn in the U.S. since 2005.

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