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Spotted: Me in a Canadian Tuxedo at Starbucks in Los Angeles


I caught my reflection in the window of Starbucks on Melrose and Stanley in Los Angeles this morning. The girl behind me has to think I’m a bigger narcissist than I actually am. Here I am (holding my prize pooch Rocco) in vintage Levi’s cutoffs and my denim Gap jacket from high school (guess that would be considered vintage, as well), Splendid circle shirt, Gucci bag and TOMS gold herringbone shoes. Fedora from a street vendor in Venice. Minutes later, I was Punk’d on Break.com. More on that …

Canadian Tuxedo Gone Wrong

Dear Gucci,


There are so many things I can’t support about this Navajo-style Gucci denim shirt. The excessive embroidering. The banded collar. And most insufferable: the $2450 price tag. I seriously think I’d light myself on fire if a guy started talking to me in this shirt.

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