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Beckham Boys in Double Denim at the Laker’s Game



Like father like sons! David Beckham recently sat court side with his adorable boys, two of whom were draped in denim. His younger boys Cruz and Romeo looked super stylish in their Canadian Tuxedos, perhaps channeling their dad from a few years back


Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo at #LAIntegrated

20120808-144138.jpgAdler Integrated knows how to throw a party and their latest was no exception. I caught up with Hadrian Belove (head to toe in Levi’s) of Cinefamily in the elevator at STAPLES Center en route to LA Integrated, held in – gasp – The Chairman’s Room, the Laker’s Locker Room and the Laker’s basketball court. We had a lot of fun playing like kids, shooting hoops and pretending to shower under the insanely high shower heads.

If AI invites you to a party, go.

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