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Denim Fetish

Oh wow! Some think I have a denim obsession, but it’s definitely nothing close to what this dude is feeling. From Vice:

VICE: So, what is it about denim that does it for you?
Lee Harrington: Cotton is a material that ages well and shows the tales of where it has been. I like that about humans as well, that scars tell stories. A great pair of denim jeans will break in and begin to know your skin. Denim clings and moves and becomes you and a part of your being. I adore denim for the feel of it against my lips and love the way that I can perv on it even in public.

Oh, OK. Very specific. Is it just wearing denim that turns you on or does looking at other people wear it work for you too? I appreciate both.
I appreciate both.

To read the full article, click here.

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