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The denim diaper returns.

Look what’s back! We’ve mentioned earlier that even babies are rocking Canadian Tuxedos. We caught this ad the other day for Huggies limited edition Jeans diapers.

Dope ass BABIES …

Dope ass Canadian Tuxedos. Guess the baby boys in LA aren’t the only ones: fresh from Columbus, Ohio … Thank you to our friend Jen B. for sharing this picture of 66.666667 percent of your triplets rocking denim head-to-toe. Way to have TRIPLETS, and way to dress them in the dopest way ever.

Bugaboo Denim Collection

Think you lost your edge after you had that baby? Well, my friends you thanks to the new Bugaboo Denim Collection look like the coolest cat as you cruise down the street with one of these of dope ass strollers, which pair perfectly with a Canadian Tuxedo as seen here.

Dope ass baby. Dope ass Canadian Tuxedo.

Sorry, Mason Disick. We spotted this little dude months ago in an elevator at the West Hollywood Target. We wanted to snap him up but snapped this pic instead.

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