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Dope deal on a dope denim chair!

We just caught this story on LATimes.com! Through Friday, get 25 percent off your purchase of the new Fat Boy jeans chair when you donate a pair old jeans. Design Public and Fatboy’s discount brings this dope bean bag down to $321.25 … shipping is free!

The Los Angeles Times reports that, “Pack up jeans and mail them to Fatboy USA, 875 W. Sandy Lake Road, Suite 100 Coppell, TX 75019. They will be donated to the Goodwill in Dallas, Texas. Locally, you can drop them at  Isquared, 758 S. Spring Street in downtown L.A. where they will be donated to the Los Angeles Mission. Then use the code LETGOANDGET at checkout for 25% off. Shipping is free.”

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