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Canadian Tuxedo for the iPhone 4

Dear Kelly Ryan O’Brien,

Since you moved back to Chicago … and since I never see you anymore, I have one question. Will you do me the honor of becoming my blood iPhone 4 brother sister? I found these dope ass denim covers and all.

Think about it.

Yours truly,

Greta Wells

Representing in Columbus

My boy Eric Sagun and I rocked some pretty dope ass Canadian Tuxedos last night to our buddy’s birthday party. Happy 36th Michael F*cking Kenney! We love you! 20110514-023443.jpgEric Sagun pictured in a denim button down by Billy Reid and jeans by Citizen’s for Humanity; Gretchen Schneider in vintage denim jacket by Gap and Levi’s 501 cutoff shorts.


Dick on a Canadian in a Canadian Tuxedo

Anyone who is Facebook friends with Dope contributor Kelly Ryan O’Brien and me knows that we have a series of dick jokes that just won’t quit. It usually involves my dog Rocco in various situations with a caption “Dick on a …” Friend Kelly and me and see for yourself.

Anyhoo, met photographer (and Canadian) Trevor King at Karla B.‘s last night. He really seemed to fancy a little Dick. Of course a dope ass photographer would roll in a Canadian Tuxedo. He’s seen below in NEUW jeans and a vintage denim shirt by Levi’s.

Um, why didn’t I start this blog earlier? Look at all the cute boys I’m meeting!



Cut from the same bolt of denim.

Yesterday we posted a picture of my friend, Scott Truitt, back in 1992, rocking a Canadian Tuxedo. Digging through some old family photos last night, I found this one of my dad from back in high school, rocking out while rocking in denim on denim back in the 60s. Nice work, Phil. I’m proud to be your daughter.

Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo (gone wrong)

So some Ohioans like Katie Holmes, Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and I (yeah that’s right, I just put myself in that group), know how to rock a Canadian Tuxedo right. Then there are guys like this, who our girl Jenny G. spotted whilst running errands in Columbus, Ohio.

Don’t forget to submit your Canadian Tuxedo sightings to DopeCanadianTux@gmail.com!

Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo

When I travel, I represent. Here’s a pic of me in a Canadian Tuxedo from the Hudson Hotel last night.

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