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President Obama in a Canadian Tux!


We see Michelle isn’t the only one in the family with a keen fashion sense: Here’s our Commander-In-Chief talking to the oft shirtless Vladimir Putin last Saturday. Looks like we picked the right week to dust off the old denim blog.


An Open Letter to Canada


Oh Canada,

It’s come to my attention that there’s a movement at Toronto Fashion Week to “redefine” the Canadian Tuxedo. Why, I ask, would you ever do such thing? I started this blog after being mocked a few years ago for wearing “Canadian Tuxedo,” a term I had never heard of but was determined to prove this look was indeed fashionable and here to stay. You should take pride in the Canadian Tuxedo as a denim-on-denim ensemble and nothing else.

I have met several Canadians who seem ashamed of the association, while others like Americans, Brits and the Dutch not only celebrate the look, but wear it far more often than your people, and I think would be proud to own the title to Double Denim look, if it’s not good enough for you.

It’s somewhat ironic that historically you have been so opposed to the look, and without that opposition, the “Canadian Tuxedo” may never have been. According to Levi’s archives, the first denim tuxedo was created by Levi’s for Bing Crosby who was denied access to a hotel in Vancouver because he and a friend were rocking all denim.

Defining a “Canadian Tuxedo” as “vegan leather pieces with a touch of plaid” is blasphemy. And Canada, you better watch out: after a recent trip to Amsterdam, I’m certain the Dutch are poised to steal the title.

Don’t be that guy who doesn’t appreciate what he’s got until it’s gone. Because America, the Netherlands, UK … even Japan are all waiting in the wings.

Sincerest Regards,

Gretchen Schneider – founder

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Happy Birthday, Levi’s 501

Happy Birthday, Levi's 501

Last night I was honored to attend the Levi’s 501 140th Anniversary party at the Ace Museum in Los Angeles. Music by Frank Ocean. No big deal.

More photos here.

Vintage Canadian Tuxedo

My friend, Jason Bromberg, sent me this treasure I’m totally obsessing over – a picture of him from back in the day in a Canadian Tuxedo at Jeffrey Mansion in our hometown Bexley, Ohio.

Marilyn Monroe + Pumpkin Patch + Canadian Tuxedo = Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We are so grateful for such a wonderful first year, which wouldn’t have been possible without all of your love and support! We’re also thankful for this vintage picture of Marilyn Monroe in a pumpkin patch, Canadian Tuxedo clad. Wonder if this will make it into a scene in the new film, “My Week With Marilyn”  starring Michelle Williams …

Happy Flag Day, folks.

Happy Memorial Day

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. ~Joseph Campbell

We’re thinking of our military today. Thank you for your service.

Happy Birthday Jeans!

You’ve come a long way, baby! Today marks the 138th anniversary of the day Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis were granted U.S. Patent Number 139,121 for their use of rivets to add strength to denim work pants. Who would’ve thunk that the denim pants, which were created as gear during the California Gold Rush would have evolved into the fashion statement of our time?

Levi’s created the first official denim tuxedo for Bing Crosby in 1951, which he often wore.

Levi’s jeans remain the iconic American look and continues to edge out the competition, accounting for 33 percent in denim sales.

via Levi’s.

In honor of the Jean’s big day, Levi’s has been posting fun facts all month! Check out some things you might not know about denim here.

Vintage Drew Barrymore in a Canadian Tuxedo!

Ah the glory days. Love the Canadian Tuxedo, Drew! We wanna see you in one now.

Cut from the same bolt of denim.

Yesterday we posted a picture of my friend, Scott Truitt, back in 1992, rocking a Canadian Tuxedo. Digging through some old family photos last night, I found this one of my dad from back in high school, rocking out while rocking in denim on denim back in the 60s. Nice work, Phil. I’m proud to be your daughter.

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