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Cut from the same bolt of denim.

Yesterday we posted a picture of my friend, Scott Truitt, back in 1992, rocking a Canadian Tuxedo. Digging through some old family photos last night, I found this one of my dad from back in high school, rocking out while rocking in denim on denim back in the 60s. Nice work, Phil. I’m proud to be your daughter.

Vintage Canadian Tuxedo

in oxford ohio.
i pledged a fraternity
and was mildly hazed,
by being forced to wear an outfit around town
that everyone else had to wear at one time or another.

the label inside read:
dr. denim and mr. hyde.

it most certainly is a dope canadian tuxedo.
i can almost guarantee that one of my fraternity brothers
still wears it on occasion. perhaps even often.
probably not susi.

my only regret is the pose, everything is solid gold:

Thanks for sharing, Scott! Looking dope. We’ll let you know if we find a replacement.

Remember to send us your Canadian Tuxedo pictures! dopecanadiantux@gmail.com

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