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Lookbook.nu posts more Canadian Tuxedos

Perhaps it’s the term “Canadian Tuxedo,” but people often think we’re mocking their denim on denim creations and nothing could be further from the truth! This site is all about celebrating denim on denim fashions. We’ve posted many style icons rocking Canadian Tuxedos – Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Mister Mort, Pippa Middleton, Ashley Olsen and more! This is a revolution, people. And you’re in great company. So it didn’t surprise us when The Denim Guy posted these dope styles he spotted on LOOKBOOK.nu on our Facebook page. Thanks for sharing, Johnny!

Spotted: Canadian Tuxedos in Lady Gaga’s Monster’s Ball!

Watching Lady Gaga on HBO. Of course the fashion-forward songstress would have her dancers in some seriously dope ass Canadian Tuxedos. She was just pictured in one herself. Put your paws up!


Lady Gaga dons a Canadian Tuxedo!!!

Hell yeah! Gagalicious.

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