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SPOILER ALERT: Kenny Powers in a Canadian Tuxedo


Don’t read if you haven’t seen the season finale yet! What an end to another killer season of HBO’s Eastbound & Down. Just when we thought we had forever lost our beloved baseball badboy, Kenny Powers resurfaced with blond locks in a Canadian Tuxedo. Solid ending to a solid season. Think there will be another?

Canadian Tuxedo on East Bound & Down

We love a lot of Kenny Powers. Of course a dope ass show like East Bound & Down would feature Deep Roy  in a Canadian Tuxedo. Can this show get any better?


Canadian Tuxedo: by The Black Keys

It’s no secret I love The Black Keys, and blog about them often. I listen to “Ohio” at least once a day (hometown pride, my friends). I also enjoy East Bound & Down, featuring “Your Touch,” by Akron’s finest. How fortunate that the respective video is chock full o’ Canadian Tuxedo? Loving Ohio more than ever.

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