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Canadian Tuxedo Day at Newport Academy


The other night at Venice’s new hotspot Barnyard, I ran into pal Jamison Monroe, Jr., CEO and founder of Newport Academy, who excitedly showed off this photo of Jessie Hines and him at work one day, celebrating denim on denim back at the office. Who could blame him?

According to Jamison, “After a bit of a debate about whether denim was going to be an acceptable form of attire for the entire staff, denim won out and the next day we made it [Canadian Tuxedo] Day at Newport Academy.” Love it.

Jamison is pictured above in a Levi’s Vintage 1955 Sawtooth Washed-Denim Shirt (I want to steal it) and Won Hundred jeans.

Double Double Denim in West Hollywood


It all comes full circle. I started this blog as a celebration of the double denim look, often condemned as a fashion faux pas. The first original image I ever posted was of this baby draped in denim, whom I spotted in the elevator at Target in West Hollywood. Fast forward 10 months, and who do I meet? A couple of guys, both with Levi’s, one of whom is a correspondent for denim blog powerhouse Denimology (!!!), in the very same elevator, rocking Canadian Tuxedos.

On the left is Thomas Rossi, Jr., in Levi’s Made for Craft jeans and Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1955 Sawtooth shirt. To the right is Darrrell Nobrega in a Levi’s Type 1 Trucker jacket and 520 taper jeans.

Thanks, guys! You made my week!

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