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Heatwave Isn’t Gonna Stop This Double Denim Dame


So what if the thermostat in my car reads 101 degrees. That’s not stopping this die-hard denim fan from jumping on her hot bike and cruising around the mean streets of LA. Me, I’m sticking to tank tops, cotton lounge shorts and the AC that blast from my car. Or maybe chambray, which makes for the perfect hot weather Canadian Tuxedo.

Spotted: Brooklyn Decker in a Canadian Tuxedo


The model/actress/fellow Ohioan/Andy Roddick’s better half was spotted draped in denim while shooting scenes for something in LA. I just may have to tune into her new show Grace & Frankie to see if this look makes a cameo. 

Spotted: Eva Mendez in a Canadian Tuxedo


The always stunning Eva Mendez was see walking her pup last week in Los Angeles rocking a chic Canadian Tuxedo. Leave it to her to step things up a bit with those sexy boots and pink overcoat. Now, when exactly is it going to be cold enough during the day in LA to wear our wool winter jackets? 



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