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Sarah Jessica Parker in a Canadian Tuxedo



Denim in the City! Sarah Jessica Parker was seen last Friday in Manhattan rocking a denim trench and destroyed jeans  with her signature look – one big cuff – walking her girls home from school. Like mother like daughter. Looks like little Tabitha was getting into the swing of things in a denim dress. Adorbs. 

Spotted: Sarah Jessica Parker in a Canadian Tuxedo

SJP was seen working some double denim while walking with her son, James Wilkie. This is not the first Canadian Tuxedo we’ve seen her in recently and we don’t know if we’re feeling this one, either. Thoughts?

Via Stylist.

Lookbook.nu posts more Canadian Tuxedos

Perhaps it’s the term “Canadian Tuxedo,” but people often think we’re mocking their denim on denim creations and nothing could be further from the truth! This site is all about celebrating denim on denim fashions. We’ve posted many style icons rocking Canadian Tuxedos – Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Mister Mort, Pippa Middleton, Ashley Olsen and more! This is a revolution, people. And you’re in great company. So it didn’t surprise us when The Denim Guy posted these dope styles he spotted on LOOKBOOK.nu on our Facebook page. Thanks for sharing, Johnny!

Spotted: Sarah Jessica Parker in a Canadian Tuxedo!

We love us a little SJP, but we’re not feeling her take on a Canadian Tuxedo. Think the tones are too similar. Each piece separately we love! How cute are those twins? They are getting so big!

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