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More double denim at the Marvelous Toy show in Los Angeles


Another Canadian Tux spotting at the Marvelous Toy debut album release party at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles. This time it was the Mathbot, who was draped in denim – vintage Levi’s jacket and women’s Old Navy jeans, “because they fit the best.” We’re a little unclear from the site what the Mathbot does, but gather he’s in a couple bands and part of some half robot movement – think Blogus Robotticelli and that dude from the LMFAO videos. Is there some secret half robot man society in LA? I must know more.

Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo at Marvelous Toy show


I had a few Canadian Tuxedo sightings at the Marvelous Toy Not Moving release show at the Bootleg Theatre in Los Angeles. Here is video artist Gabriel Barcia-Colombo in an All Saints denim hoodie and BDG jeans.

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