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Levi’s Go Forth To Work

My friend, Peter Duggan, and I have a shared interest and love for Detroit, which is unsual since we met in high school in Columbus, Ohio. He spent a few years in the Motor City working for the Pistons and fell in love. My romance can best be explained in this blog I wrote a month ago for BuzzRocket. Anyway, we were discussing the sadly underfunded BURN, a “character-driven documentary about Detroit, told through the eyes of Detroiters who are on the front lines, trying to rescue and rebuild it.” During our emails back and forth, he sent me this wonderful spot by Levi’s. Like BURN, it’s quite moving (and it made this blog because it features a few Canadian Tuxedos).

Please vist http://detroitfirefilm.org/ to learn more about how you can help make this important film a reality.

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