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Spotted: Me in a Canadian Tuxedo in Arizona


Not that this is an uncommon sight (speaking purely of wearing double denim), but here I am in Cave Creek, about to embark on a two-hour horseback ride through the stunning, tranquil desert. I’m seen here in some old Chip & Pepper skinny jeans, denim button down by Arnold Zimberg and vintage boots I picked up for $20 at American Superior Vintage on Melrose. Can’t recall who made the scarf, but I got it at one of my favorite spots to shop, Milk in LA.

Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo

Our first official user submission comes from Stephanie V. of Scottsdale, Ariz. She snapped this pic at the Diamondbacks game last night. Of course this guy’s Canadian Tuxedo is embellished. That’s how they roll in Phoenix. Thank you, Steph! If you spot a Canadian Tuxedo in the wild, please send your pictures our way!

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