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Spotted: Another Canadian Tuxedo in Scottsdale

Double denim is everywhere! I saw another Canadian Tuxedo while picking up some breakfast at Lox Stock & Bagel in Scottsdale this morning. This guy was rocking some vintage denim – on top and bottom. Loving the multipanel shirt, complete with a little embroidering. Love it. I’ll be rocking my own Canadian Tux when I go horseback riding in a bit. Stay tuned!


Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo in Scottsdale

I just looked up to see this stylish senior leaning down to pet my dog in some dope double denim! Love it. Definitely the best granny Canadian Tux we’ve seen to date.


Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo

Our first official user submission comes from Stephanie V. of Scottsdale, Ariz. She snapped this pic at the Diamondbacks game last night. Of course this guy’s Canadian Tuxedo is embellished. That’s how they roll in Phoenix. Thank you, Steph! If you spot a Canadian Tuxedo in the wild, please send your pictures our way!

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