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Denim Face Hat?


I caught this little number on Pinterest yesterday via Refinery29 with the headline “The Top 6 Reasons You NEED This Hat,” so of course I had to click. Their list is pretty funny and can be found here, and if we had to add a few they would be:

7. You have nothing better to spend $320 on (that’s right: that thing costs $320).

8. You’re robbing a bank and ski masks are soooo 1983.

9. Denim Dumb Donald should be a thing.

10. You can no longer rock your face visor for fear you’ll be confused with V. Stiviano.


Refinery29 Shows You How To Rock a Canadian Tuxedo

There’s always a heated debate as to whether or not denim on denim is a fashion faux pas or simply fashionable. In fact, this site was started to prove that double denim is an amazingly stylish, timeless look for all – when done right, of course. Our friends at Refinery29, who are indisputably on the fashion forefront, have broken the Canadian Tuxedo down for you, explaining how to do the look well. To read the full article and to shop the look, click here.

Via Refinery29.


Refinery29’s 5 Denim Trends for Fall

One my fave sites on earth, Refinery29, has put out its list of the “Top 5 Denim Trends You Need For Fall.” Of course the suggestions are amazing. I’m kind of obsessing over these polkadot denim skinnies from Paige denim – takes me back to Bexley Junior High, showing up to school in the same polkadot Guess jeans as my then-enemy (now dear friend) Jill Cameron. Kids.

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