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Rihanna in a Denim Bikini!


We all know Rihanna loves her double denim, but now she’s taking it to a skimpy new level. The pop princess tweeted this picture of herself in an Agent Provocateur Canadian Tuxedo bikini at Coachella.

Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo at a Dave Matthews Show!

Thanks to @alyssaalily for tweeting us this Canadian Tuxedo she saw at a Dave Matthews show! Love it. Keep ’em coming.

Pat & Mick: Canadian Tuxedo 80s style

Holy shit! One of our Twitter fans sent us this incredible Pat & Mick video featuring Pat Sharp in a not-so-dope Canadian Tuxedo. The video, however, is amazing. The British duo, comprised of a couple radio personalities, was pretty dope: They donated all royalties to Help a London Child Charity. Enjoy.

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