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President Obama in a Canadian Tux!


We see Michelle isn’t the only one in the family with a keen fashion sense: Here’s our Commander-In-Chief talking to the oft shirtless Vladimir Putin last Saturday. Looks like we picked the right week to dust off the old denim blog.


Jewish Girls Like Canadian Tuxedos


At least the one pictured above does. The Stuff Jewish Girls Like blogger was rocking this look last month on her Jewish Christmas: Forever 21 lace cutout chambray shirt and AG Cigarette Stilt Jeans. To see more Stuff Jewish Girls Like, click here.

Spotted: Amanda Knox in a Canadian Tuxedo

Most girls who study abroad in Italy, return with a heightened sense of style, but we’ll cut Amanda Knox some slack. Miss Knox was seen rocking some not-so-dope denim on denim in her hometown of Seattle. Welcome home, honey. TMZ is knocking your look, but cruise our site. You’re in good company.

Photo courtesy of SplashNewsOnline.com.

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