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Jeni’s does denim.

No, it’s not a new flavor …

Leave it to the DOPEST ice cream company on the planet to send us a picture of one of their own draped in denim. If you don’t know Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, it’s time to get your learn on. The Columbus-based company creates ice creams that make them “see million year old stars,” has shops throughout Ohio and in Nashville, Tenn. (home to denim label Imogene+Willie). If you’re not in those areas, worry not: Jeni’s offers delivery throughout the US. The order I got sent to LA last month arrived rock hard. 20110607-112256.jpg

Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo at the Apron Gala

We were sent this image from Columbus, Ohio of this guy rocking denim apron on denim on denim at the North Market’s annual Apron Gala. My hometown is so … dope!!!


Representing in Columbus

My boy Eric Sagun and I rocked some pretty dope ass Canadian Tuxedos last night to our buddy’s birthday party. Happy 36th Michael F*cking Kenney! We love you! 20110514-023443.jpgEric Sagun pictured in a denim button down by Billy Reid and jeans by Citizen’s for Humanity; Gretchen Schneider in vintage denim jacket by Gap and Levi’s 501 cutoff shorts.


Canadian Tuxedos at Easton Town Center

I’m so happy to find the Canadian Tuxedo all over my home town, Columbus, Ohio.  I found denim everywhere while shopping at Easton Town Center yesterday!


Accessory display at Anthropologie.


Denim wallhanging at Anthropologie.


Denim Stetson fedora at Madewell.


Canadian Tuxedo, white denim cargo pants and blue denim shirt at Madewell.


Denim Exit sign at Gap.

Cut from the same bolt of denim.

Yesterday we posted a picture of my friend, Scott Truitt, back in 1992, rocking a Canadian Tuxedo. Digging through some old family photos last night, I found this one of my dad from back in high school, rocking out while rocking in denim on denim back in the 60s. Nice work, Phil. I’m proud to be your daughter.

Spotted: Canadian Tuxedo (gone wrong)

So some Ohioans like Katie Holmes, Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and I (yeah that’s right, I just put myself in that group), know how to rock a Canadian Tuxedo right. Then there are guys like this, who our girl Jenny G. spotted whilst running errands in Columbus, Ohio.

Don’t forget to submit your Canadian Tuxedo sightings to DopeCanadianTux@gmail.com!

Canadian Tuxedos by Rowe Boutique!

Thank you to our dear friend Maren Roth of Rowe Boutique in Columbus, Ohio, who styled us not one, but TWO dope Canadian Tuxedos! Lucky us, she could decide which one to submit, so we got them both! She should be happy Dope Canadian Tux Contributor Kelly Ryan O’Brien wasn’t on hand because she probably would’ve ripped that necklace right off your model. True story. I’ll be at Rowe next week! Can’t wait. Thanks again! xoxoxo

Spotted: Ashley Olsen in a Canadian Tuxedo!

Thank you to our friend Maren Roth of the dope ass Rowe Boutique in Columbus, Ohio, for sharing this recent picture of Ashley Olsen rocking a Canadian Tux! Maren will be styling a Rowe Canadian Tux for us soon! Can’t wait. This girl knows her denim.

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