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Katy Perry Pulls a Britney at the VMAs


Just caught wind of this one … While this is a place to support and embrace the denim-worshipping community, sometimes bad ones make headlines and we have to call it out. Katy Perry walked the red carpet at tonight’s MTV VMAs in this number. We love Katy, despite some questionable wardrobe choices (tonight being the most recent), but seriously … was this a joke? Was she not Wide Awake when she got dressed? Was it a throwback to the ever-mocked Britney/JT denim disaster, or are they trying to top it? If it’s the latter, we may have a winner. Regardless of fashion sense – or lack thereof – we love Katy and the message she sends out to young women and little girls. She’s a firework, and we’re forever grateful. 


Levi’s Denim Auction

Looking to upgrade your Canadian Tuxedo with some one-of-a-kind pieces? Look no further than the Levi’s eBay auction, supporting the Red Tab Foundation, a nonprofit that helps Levi Strauss & Co. employees and retirees who are unable to pay for basic needs due to financial emergencies. From jackets signed by the Rolling Stones to bedazzled denim pants made for ‘N Sync to this Shepard Fairey jacket I’m totally obsessing over – denim + street art ??? – there’s something amazing to be had. Click here to visit the auction, which closes on June 11, 2012.

Spotted: Justin Timberlake in a Canadian Tuxedo

JT just took the stage on the Ellen Show rocking a dope ass Canadian Tuxedo!


Canadian Tuxedo Appreciation

We’re happy to see we’re not the only one obsessed with a good Canadian Tuxedo. And thank you Charlize! Now we know we’re not the only ones still rocking one in style around West Hollywood. Check out this dope ass tribute on eyeweekly.com.

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